Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baby A's Heartbeat

These were taken on Monday at 12 weeks 2 days. The babies measured exactly what I am!

Baby A's Hands and Feet

Baby B's Heartbeat

This is Baby B's heartbeat and crown to rump measurements. In the first picture you can also catch a glimpse of the two remaining sacs from the three babies we lost.

Baby B's Hands and Feet

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Purpose Here In Birmingham

Over the past month I have really come to realize the purpose of us living in Birmingham. When we first moved here over 5 1/2 years ago we both thought we had moved here for Phillip's job. We were eager to get back into the southern region of the United States where we would be closer to family and friends. We only expected to be here for two to three years and then be transferred somewhere else for work.

As we settled here I became convinced that we were sent to Birmingham not only for job purposes but also for the great Doctors that I had come to find. The few Dr's that I got to see seemed to fix all my issues and we even got pregnant and had Emma! It all seemed so easy and meant to be. Along the way we had our share of bumps in the road and thought for sure that God was done with us here in Birmingham and that we were going to close this chapter in our lives and move us on to the next chapter.

The first week we were in Birmingham as I was jobless and bored I decided to venture out and explore my new home. While exploring I came across this church that was rather large and looked very similar to the church I had grown up in back in Jacksonville. We decided to try it out the following Sunday and haven't left since. Each year we find ourselves becoming more and more involved. Joining a small group, getting involved in our MOMS group and developing deep friendships. Since we've joined the church we have had a pastor change and seen the church grow in amazing ways as well as the people. As we've gone along this journey we have found that we have grown firm in our faith and really understood what it means to be a Christ follower.

Phillip and I both agree that over this past month we've figured out our purpose here in Birmingham. We were not brought here for our jobs, our doctors, or to get us back closer to Florida. We were sent here on God's mission. A part of His master plan. All to get closer to Him. To grow our faith and stand firm in what we believe. To dive deep in to scripture and learn how to be servants of Christ.

We've gone through our fair share of trials and becomming pregnant with five babies at once really tested us. We stood at a crossroads and had to decide if we really believed what we believed or would we take the easy road out. Were we going to practice what we preach or be a hypocrite? Would we be able to stand at the pearly gates before God and have an account for the decisions we made in life? We prayed together and stood firm in our beliefs and had peace that only God could provide us. We are Christ followers to the core and we pray that we will be able to stand firm in His ways and desires for us everyday.

I can look back now and truely be thankful for each trial, each tear, each heartbreak because it has brought us to the place we are at today. It has brought Phillip and I closer together and we know that whatever life throws at us that it brings us together instead of seperates us. I pray that we can instill our children with these lessons we have learned but mostly instill the power of prayer and a relationship with Jesus.

Monday, May 18, 2009

12 Week Update

Today we went to my 12 week appointment. Got an ultrasound and was glad to see we still have the twins! They both measured right on target, 12 weeks 2 days. The heartbeats were 167 and 164. The babies looked great and was definitely a reassuring visit.

As far as meeting with Dr. D we didn't have much to go over other than the babies were doing great and so was I. We decided that since we have had two good Dr's appointments back to back that we would not go back for 4 weeks. That will put me at 16 weeks and hopefully we can find out the sexes of the babies.

Thanks for the continued prayers because they sure are working!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Activity Basket

When I dropped Emma off at school her teachers gave me this hugh activity basket for us! Wasn't this the most incredible gift? Several of the teachers at her school got together and made this for us to help get us through the summer. I can't wait to be able to make some great memories with her while on bed rest. Although I won't have to go on bed rest as early as I thought, I will still be required to rest for a good while during the summer. This will give us such fun things to do together! Thank you so much for this incredible gift and your generosity to our family!

Monday, May 4, 2009

What Are We Going to Have?

I posted a poll to the left for you to take a guess at what we will be having. Since they are fraternal twins the possibilities are that they will both be girls, both be boys, or one girl and one boy. Tell us what you think and I'll let you know when we have the ultrasound who's right! I'm not sure yet when that will be but I'll keep you updated!

10 Week Update

At 10 weeks pregnant we finally found ourselves in a sense of normalcy which is very much welcomed. Today I had my first OB appointment with the very Dr. that delivered Emma! After taking 6 vials of blood so that they could do a pre-natal work up on me we were sent down the hall for another round of waiting. We were then ushered into the ultrasound room where the nervousness began to sink in. We were definitely hoping for a fresh start with Dr. D's office. Ms. Jaime began by squirting the warm jelly on my belly. Sweet Emma was standing right beside me and said, "Mommy has a jelly belly!" Up on the screen appears Baby A waving it's arms around. Looks like we have one very active baby on our hands. She measured the heartbeat and it came in at 175 beats! Nice and strong continuing to form right on target and measuring exactly 10 weeks! Couldn't ask for a better report Baby A!

She then proceeded to show us Baby B! Looking strong but a bit more mellow than A. Baby B measured in at 10 weeks also and 3cm just like A! Heartbeat came it at 173 beats! Looks like we got ourselves a pair of stellar babies!

On a sad note we did get to see two of the remaining babies. The first one you could see the sac with a little bit of tissue left but most of it has disappeared or had been absorbed. The second sac you could see a bit more tissue still remained but it to had been mostly dissolved. It was amazing to think that they went away that quickly after seeing them growing and a heartbeat for the last several weeks. It was definitely apparant though that the two remaining babies were healthy and strong and growing as they should. The three were just not meant to be although we do miss them.

Between 18-20 weeks we will be able to find out exactly what the sex of each baby will be. Hopefully we'll have an ultrasound closer to 15 weeks and they'll be able to see. That's just dreaming but maybe if I arrange our schedule accordingly I'll be able to squeeze that one in! If I remember correctly we found out at 15 weeks with Emma but I can't be 100% sure on that one.

We finally got to see Dr. D! He had nothing but great things to say which was a great change of pace. He said the babies were looking great and measuring right on target. My due date would be November 28, 2009. Four years to the exact day that I delivered Emma at the same hospital with the same Dr.! Pretty amazing. He did say that with twins they push you to get to 36 weeks and after that they start pushing you to deliver. They will take the babies anywhere from 37-38 weeks preferably by C-section but if they were in the correct position I could try and deliver normally.

Once I reach the 28 week mark they want me to be ready at any time to go on bed rest. That is not saying that I will go on bed rest but I do need to be prepared for it. Also at the 28 week mark I will start going to the Dr.'s weekly. After 20 weeks I'll start going every 2 weeks. As for traveling he said that barring any complications that I could travel up to 28 weeks!!! That means we can go on our summer vacations as planned! After Labor Day weekend I will have to start slowing things down. That is a wonderful blessing because Emma will start school three days a week next fall and that'll give me a good amount of time to rest and not worry about taking care of her or not being able to take care of her.

Last but not least...I started taking Lexapro (anti-depressant) after I found out we were having 4 because I had such a hard time dealing with it and getting through one minute without crying. I really feel like I can totally handle twins without a problem and would love to come off my medicine. That was one goal that I've been really wanting to accomplish since we got the news last week. Dr. D said I could start weening myself off and should be done with it in a couple of weeks! I want to try and give these babies the best healthy start I can and even though they say it's ok to take it I really would prefer to try it on my own without it now that two is not as overwhelming emotionally and mentally as the five had on us! That's a praise in itself!

As far as us needing anything, we do ask that you will continue to keep the two babies in your prayers. We are still not out of the woods yet but they do look good and healthy so far. There's nothing that we want more than to keep these two and have them be the wonderful addition to our family that we know they will be.

We are still holding tight to Jeremiah 29:11: "For I know the plans I have for you, plans for you to prosper and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future."

Our next appointment will be in two weeks and I hope to continue to bring you all good news from here on out!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Twins Baby Registry

We took some great advice from my dear friend Danielle who just had her set of twins a little over five months ago. She suggested that we started our baby registry early in case I had to go on bed rest. I was a little hesistant doing our registry at only 10 weeks along and being that every week we go in for an ultrasound we have some major change happen. Phillip was so excited to go he looked like a kid in the candy store. How could I deny him this super fun family activity? We even took Emma along with us which I just knew was going to be a disaster. She's normally really good but after an early morning, one soccer game, lunch at one of her favorite places Cracker Barrel, and then baby registering I just thought we would have reached her limit.

We got there and Phillip immediately took off while I filled out the paperwork. Him and Emma were right on the strollers checking out each and every detail, taking them on a test drive, folding them up, rearranging the seats, the whole nine yards. It was actually really cute to watch his enthusiasm. I on the other hand am still in the super tired baby stage and couldn't figure out how we would possibly register if we didn't even know what we were having. But I got in the game and ended up having a lot of fun! We picked out the stroller, car seats, bottles, diapers and a few other non-gender odds and ends. Emma was an amazing helper and totally got into it. She kept saying, "oh, my babies need this!" She's getting more and more used to the idea of two. I sure hope one of the babies is a girl because she has her heart set on one. She's even picked out the name for "her" baby, Emily.

Overall it was nice to have such a happy, positive, upbeat, great day after the roller coaster two weeks we've had. We can't wait to find out what we are having and then we can go back and add a few gender specific items to the list. :)