Saturday, May 2, 2009

Twins Baby Registry

We took some great advice from my dear friend Danielle who just had her set of twins a little over five months ago. She suggested that we started our baby registry early in case I had to go on bed rest. I was a little hesistant doing our registry at only 10 weeks along and being that every week we go in for an ultrasound we have some major change happen. Phillip was so excited to go he looked like a kid in the candy store. How could I deny him this super fun family activity? We even took Emma along with us which I just knew was going to be a disaster. She's normally really good but after an early morning, one soccer game, lunch at one of her favorite places Cracker Barrel, and then baby registering I just thought we would have reached her limit.

We got there and Phillip immediately took off while I filled out the paperwork. Him and Emma were right on the strollers checking out each and every detail, taking them on a test drive, folding them up, rearranging the seats, the whole nine yards. It was actually really cute to watch his enthusiasm. I on the other hand am still in the super tired baby stage and couldn't figure out how we would possibly register if we didn't even know what we were having. But I got in the game and ended up having a lot of fun! We picked out the stroller, car seats, bottles, diapers and a few other non-gender odds and ends. Emma was an amazing helper and totally got into it. She kept saying, "oh, my babies need this!" She's getting more and more used to the idea of two. I sure hope one of the babies is a girl because she has her heart set on one. She's even picked out the name for "her" baby, Emily.

Overall it was nice to have such a happy, positive, upbeat, great day after the roller coaster two weeks we've had. We can't wait to find out what we are having and then we can go back and add a few gender specific items to the list. :)


Melissa said...

:) Glad to hear that you guys had a fun family day!!

the de Leons said...

how wonderful!! i continue to pray for y'all and just know that this is meant to be. y'all are amazing parents already and all your children are so blessed to have you in their lives. ashley, i hope you're feeling well and continue to do so. how athletic phillip is...i got exhausted just reading about his duathlon! lol.
have a great day martin family!

The Strings said...

I am excited for you all! I am glad Emma is excited now also!