Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Twelve Months Throughout the Year

I know that God is in control. Each month I am met with something new. A new challenge, a new month, a new reason to be positive, a new start. I can't help but posting this article from Stepping Stones but I just find it totally right on for me. Hopefully you all won't get sick of me posting stuff from there all the time now but I am so grateful to this publication. I feel like for the most part I've been fairly positive about this whole getting pregnant thing. God has a plan for us and we are just waiting for His timing to match ours. It was nice to see that other people took getting pregnant from the same or similar angle as I did. Check this out:

Twelve Months Throughout the Year

January is here, Lord.

It's a brand new year. I'm feeling excited, like my time is finally here...only to find that I have to wait another month Lord, why do I go through this every year?

February is the month of love, Lord.

My husband and I will conceive...Oh, I was just being foolish and naive.

March is here.

Surely we will be lucky this time. If I get pregnant this month, Lord, I'll probably wear green all year. I'll keep praying, Lord, for You to give me peace the remaining nine months of this year.

April has come and the showers are here.

Lord, please dry up this rain along with my tears. Why do I continue to do this every year?

May is beautiful and the flowers smell nice, Lord.

Maybe being in the garden will ease my mind, but you know my heart, Lord. There is no way I can hide. Seven months to go, Lord. You said You'd see me through.

June has come, and the heat is on.

I'm sure this month we will conceive because my faith is so strong...only to discover that this is a test to make me stronger. maybe the Lord will send a surprise in...


Maybe we'll see more than sparks and bright colors in the sky. Then we'll have a celebration of our own. Give me peace the rest of the year, Lord. I can't make it on my own. I knew before I prayed this prayer that...

August would be here.

As I watch the children get on the bright yellow buses for another school year, I get on my knees and pray. God, You said You'd see me through.

September arrives and hope springs anew.

But soon the leaves begin to turn and the breeze starts to cool. I know in my heart that September is through.

October has come, and I feel myself running out of time.


I eat more than usual, praying that maybe someone in my belly is making me feel unusual this time.

December is upon me and Lord, I have stood on Your Word.

"For nothing is impossible with God," is all I've ever heard. Don't You see, Lord, it's almost a new year. Why do I go through this every year, Lord?


Ashley said...

So true!! I think I have thought all that to myself and probably even said it also!! Thanks for posting it!!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog and thank God that you shared. I have all of your symptoms. pcos, unexplained abdominal pain, bladder pain from??? Same miscarriage etopic.

Oh I am crying so much. but glad you shared your pain.