Saturday, July 18, 2009

20 Week Ultrasound

After much anticipation we had a great 20 week appt! Started off with drinking a Dr. Pepper and then a little later followed up with a Mtn. Dew! Maybe I overdid it on the caffiene but I needed to make sure these babies were moving so we could get some good measurements and pictures! Everything was good with my blood pressure and it looks like I'm starting to gain weight. Up until now I hadn't added any extra poundage but today I gained 4 pounds. As long as the babies are growing on target then he's not worried about the weight. We then headed to the ultrasoun room. The babies were active to say the least! The extra dose of caffiene definitely did the trick! Baby brother was kicking his sister in the head but later she ended up getting him back! Baby Boy is definitely going to be a handfull! They both measured perfectly and to the day of my pregnancy.
Emma wanted to go with us today to see the babies. She always wants to go and we include her in everything! She's so excited and it just blesses my heart to see her heart grow with so much love. Emma got to see her baby sister do "Criss-cross apple sauce" with her legs. She got such a kick out of it! She loved when they were holding hands. The love she has for the two of them is incredible and is amazing to see! Not one bit of jealousy has she had. This morning before we left for the appt she asked me, "Mommy, is the Dr going to squeeze the baby out of you today?" :) That one will have to definitely be written down. I'm keeping a running list of the cute things she has said. I just love her!

Baby A's profile
Baby A's Heartbeat- 148 BPM
Baby Girl from the front
Baby A & Baby B facing each other. They looked like they were having a conversation with each other. At one point it looked like they were holding hands. It was really sweet.
Baby B upside down

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Joy said...

Such beautiful sonogram pictures!!!