Monday, November 12, 2007

My prayer for you...

Going through the infertility process has been both physically and emotionally exhausting. I've prayed a lot and I feel that the Lord is calling me to journal my experiences. I pray that it will touch those who are going through infertility and find a place of comfort.

I pray for those that do not have infertility problems that it will allow you to see the process that we go through and may be able to help you relate to a friend or family member.

Please bare with me. I am starting from the beginning and journaling from 3 years ago. I'm writing from the heart and bearing my soul. Thank you for wanting to read our blog and listen. Sometimes that's the best medicine.

I may refer to "myself" a lot while I write but please know that Phillip and I are a team and we are going through it together. This is my way of releasing a lot of stress and emotion as he has a different way of channeling his stress and emotions. This effects him just as much as if effects me.