Thursday, November 15, 2007

October 2005

10/10/05 Went in for fetal monitoring. Not much movement over the weekend and today. Dr. said we have a strong and beautiful baby! Total weight gained 24pds.

10/13/05 Appointment with Dr. Przbyz Gained total of 18pds. Got flu shot.

10/14/05 Mom, Dad, Shannon, Brooks & Claire come to visit

10/16/05 Work threw me a wondeful baby shower. Very emotional.

10/21/05 Headache. So far I have experienced major swelling in my hands and feet. 10/15 Shannon noticed that my lips were swollen. Called nurse on 10/19 and she said this swelling was normal at this stage. If I see spots, dizzy or get a severe headache to call again.

Emma sure is an active baby now. I feel her moving all the time!