Thursday, November 15, 2007

September 2005

9/1/05 Appointment with Dr. Przbyz. Had back pain on right side. Pulled muscle. Gained a total of 13.5 pds so far. Emma's heartbeat 160

9/9/05 Noticed both hands and feet were swelling. Phillip put Emma's crib and changing table together tonight.

9/15/05 Appointment with Dr. McKee Gained a total of 18 pds. Failed diabetes test. Should be no higher than 140 and I was 161. Safe to travel 4-6 weeks before due date. Went to Jacksonville for baby shower.

9/16/05 Had bad spasms in chest that went to my back. Shannon had sympathy pains with me!

9/17/05 Baby shower! Mom & Shannon threw a wonderful baby shower. Phillip felt her kick a lot this morning!

9/20/05 Took 3hr diabetes test and passed!

9/27/05 Very stressed out! I'm tired, emotional and irritable. Having visitors. We'll get through it.

9/29/05 Appointment with Dr. Smith Insulin resistant. Put on special diet. Allowed to have: 3 meals per day with 3 servings of sugar per meal. 15g sugar = 1 serving of sugar. Gained 20 pds total.