Monday, February 25, 2008

6 week update

Last Monday I went in to get my bloodwork redone after my 6 weeks of low carbs and exercise program. That afternoon the nurse called and said that they already received my bloodwork results back and to come in tomorrow to get the results.

All my hardwork has paid off! My liver enzymes came down from 116 to 49! The really want it to be lower than 44 but Dr. Lucas was very impressed at my drastic improvement! I'm so super excited. My testosterone came back high so they are going to start me on my old protocol when I got pregnant with Emma. I'll start taking 2.5mg of Prednizone for 4 weeks and then go back in and repeat the bloodwork to see if we got that down as well. Then if that works we will go back to the shots and try again!

I'm still on my diet or should I call it "lifestlye change" and exercise program but it's much better than having to take more pills. :)

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