Monday, February 18, 2008

Taco Bell Hell

Wednesday night (February 6th) after church we were hungry and decided to stop and grab something to go. Phillip wanted Taco Bell and I went along with it and tried their encharito. (The last time I had Taco Bell it had to have been back in high school and it was not good at all. That was the first and last time I said I'd eat there.) As we ate we made a few jokes about Mexican food and how it makes you poot and how we felt sorry for Miss Carol having to ride in the car with me for hours the next day.

That night I awoke with pretty bad stomach pain. I cursed myself the night before talking bad about my Taco Bell. Could this be gas pains? Food poisening? I contemplated all this while sitting on the pot for hours that night. Finally! I threw up. All was better in my world. Nighty night time.

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