Saturday, April 25, 2009

Answered Prayers

This past week God has shown himself in such amazing ways! Not only have we been blessed with not only four babies but have ended up with five! Each day gets better and better and we are accepting things and starting to plan. This is a major victory from how I was feeling last week.

I cannot thank you enough for all of the love and support you have shown us. The phone calls and emails have been awesome! People have been coming out of the woodwork offering donations and all kinds of baby stuff for us. It can only be God being faithful and showing that He will provide for us through this interesting time in our life. It's definitely been a humbling experience but awesome to be a part of.

Yesterday at Bible study I had asked the ladies to pray for our high-risk appointment on Tuesday. We had heard that they would be pushing selective reduction and giving us the doom and gloom speach about how our kids would come out possibly retarded and with disabilities. Phillip and I have already made up our mind that we were not interested in selective reduction and that God formed these children and it was given to us to raise them to the best our our abilities. We chose to stand firm in our Christian beliefs. After Bible study I went to pick Emma up from school and my cell phone rang. It was the high-risk Dr's office confirming my appointment we have for Tuesday afternoon. There seemed to be a scheduling conflict and she needed to change our "counseling" appointment to Monday morning. For all we knew our appointment on Tuesday was a regular appointment and not a "counseling" session. I asked her what exactly would be discussed in the session. They would be telling us about the selective reduction that Dr. B said we were interested in and that we wanted to reduce from five to two! I was shocked! Ughhh those words never came out of our mouths. I paused and she asked me if we were still interested in keeping our appointment and I told her NO! She was very nice and said that we could keep our original appointment for Tuesday then. Last week when we were at Dr. B's office I checked out during our meeting and I had no idea what Dr. I was supposed to see next week. All I knew was that it was one of two men he had recommended. I asked her what Dr I would be seeing and she said, "Dr. K." Here's where the answered prayer comes in. Dr. K was the original Dr that was recommended to me from a friend at church that went to her. She said that this Dr. was "Out of this world!" I was so super siked that God just totally answered our prayers! I no longer had to worry about seeing the male Dr. and I would be in the care of a compassionate woman Dr. Kay (our Bible study teacher) specifically prayed that I would know which Dr. we should see and if we needed to change that it would be evident. How cool is that?

God is good! I can't wait to keep writing about the ways God is working in our lives!


Jenn said...

Ashley, we are praying for healthy, happy babies. When i first heard I was shocked but tears of joy for you because not only do you get 1 or 2 more but 5-God is Awesome and He will provide.

I am praying Patrick will go for more than 2 because I really want to expereice all of this at least 3 times!

You are in our prayers. call if you need anything!

Danielle said...

Ashley, I am so glad that you are starting to find peace with this new path that is ahead of you. Those are some lucky babies to have ya'll as parents and isn't it great to know that God has such faith in you too that he has passed that responsibility on to you. This world will be a better place with all those mini Martins running around!