Thursday, April 16, 2009

Party of 7

Monday was my first ultrasound to see a heartbeat. We were so anxious being that last time we went in for this I found out that I had miscarried. We had 3 nurses in the ultrasound room and the lab technician. I've been with them for over two years so they were all super excited to see what was cooking. Phillip was sitting next to me holding Emma as they started the scan. There's the heartbeat! Looking good. She continued to look around and that's when Phillip saw the second sac! TWINS! Wow! Exciting. Then she saw a third and paused. I asked her what was going on? FOUR!?! Yep. Quadruplets? Are you serious? We saw four sacs and four heartbeats. Oh my gosh. Overnight we go from a party of 3 to a party of 7!

Afterwards we sat down with the Dr and he said that this shouldn't have happened. I had two developed follicles that should have ovulated. I didn't do IVF. He thinks the two eggs split causing us to have two sets of twins. He then suggested that I see the high-risk Dr. in several weeks.

We went back to Phillip's work and stared at each other for about an hour. How in the world do you digest something this huge? 100% life changing? We went in hoping and praying for one heartbeat and we got 4!

It's been 3 days since we've found out. To tell you right now what has transpired in those days it would take me a while. I will do it but I can't right this moment. We know we have been blessed but are still having a hard time. We beg for your prayers. 1. For my mental and emotional health. 2. Phillip's carrying the financial burden along with being the sole provider and just the sheer responsibility that lie's on his shoulders. 3. For Emma that she will not miss a beat. That we can be the best parents to her during this hard and challenging time. I have a million more specific prayer request but these are the main ones. One more biggie is for my health and the babies health.


allison said...

wow girl! what a blessing. i'm so happy for you and i will of course keep you all in my prayers!

Carolyn said...

Oh Ashley this is so exciting and I am sure you are full of all kinds of emotions from sheer exhileration to panic! I will be praying for you and know that all will be well. YOu and Phillip are great parents and you have so much love to give and support from your family and friends. I am still awed!!!
May God grant you peace through this wonderful journey.

Melissa said...

Keeping you in my prayers!!

Kim said...

Hey Ashley! Leanne told me about you exciting news, Im glad you posted it here too so I could read it in your own words.

I know you have to be have moments of overflowing joy and moments of being totally overwhelmed. Just know that I am praying for you, for Philip, for Emma's sweet heart and for babies. I've thought about you a lot over the last few days and I think you are going to do great. You have such a laid back personality that I know will make the transition a little easier.

Justin's Grandma told me once when I asked her how she managed with her boys, the oldest two only 10 months apart, that "women are like tea bags, the hotter the water, the stronger we get". I think of that often when I start to feel overwhelmed, it gives me a giggle and reminds me I can do anything God puts before me because He knows my limits and if He is in me, well, my limits are pretty well limitless because He will handle what my flesh never could.

I hope I don't sound like I'm an over excited cheerleader giving you a pep talk here. Just wanted to let you know that I believe you can do this and that you can do it well. You are an awesome mom. Five kids - how cool is that? You are gonna rock it.

You are in my prayers!


Teri said...

You've been in my prayers every since Monday night after your Mom talked to my Mom, (you know we are all "Boggs" and it's hard to keep things to ourselves). I pray for your health, emotionally and physically as well as for those babies! I know you have the strength within to handle this.

You've got an amazing husband and Mom that is already planning on packing her bags to move in with you to help you out and we are all here for you. Heck, I thought I was the only one in the family that could produce 5 kids at a quick rate, but this time, you've got me beat! : ) I'm only a phone call away to offer you any kind of emotional advice, or any other advice that you could possibly need during this time.

You are all in my prayers and Emma will make an Awesome Big Sister!

Love you,