Monday, June 15, 2009

God Gave Us Two

Last July when I was pregnant my sweet friend Carol was so excited! She knew the struggles we had gone through to get pregnant and she went out and bought Emma the sweetest book that explained that she was going to be a big sister. She giggled when she said that at the end of the book the Mommy had twins, one boy and one girl, but she said she was sure Emma would get the gist of the book. Once I had the miscarriage I shelved the book and figured when it was time again (God willing) we would get the book back out and read it.

I was going through Emma's books this morning looking for an extrememly overdue library book in the deep dark abyss called her bookshelf. I came across the book and started reading it. The Mama bear is pregnant with twins and when I got to the last page in the book I started laughing.
Not only did Carol get this book for me almost a year ago, but who knew how appropriate this book would be. Guess what the Mama bear had? One boy baby and one girl baby! If this is not God I don't know what is. Tomorrow we go to hopefully find out what the sexes of the babies are. I know that this book is not some sort of prohecy of God telling me what we are having but I just thought it ironic that Emma has said from the beginning that we were having two even though at one point there were 5. She said that I was having a boy and a girl. And now there is this book! lol Who knows what tomorrow will bring but we are excited!


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I can't wait to find out!

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Oh how exciting!!! Cannot wait!