Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Past Three Weeks

You'd think I'd fallen off the face of the Earth but fear not, I have been right here. In the same spot. On the same couch. Feeling like complete poo.

It started when we left for Disney. I had really bad headaches the whole entire trip but didn't let that get me down when we were supposed to be in the Happiest Place on Earth! When we got home I was so tired of going non-stop that Emma and I just hung out at home and slept. That Saturday I came down with a cold. I felt like I had a brick sitting in my chest and I was hacking up things that were bright in color. Why is it that I always get sick on the weekends? I don't like being sick so of course I go running to the Doc-in-the -box but I did give it two full days until I went. He was scared to give me any medicine since I was pregnant and told me to call my OB and sent me on my way telling me that I was anemic. Thanks!

So the next day I called my OB and they called in some Amoxicillian but said they thought it was this virus going around that would last about 10 days. Are you serious? I feel like some serious poo and your saying nothings gonna help? Several days later I was still feeling really bad so I made an appointment with my OB to get my iron levels checked since they wouldn't put me on iron w/o drawing blood first. When I got there they thought I had come for a regular check up and hooked me up with another ultrasound! I told poor Phillip that he didn't have to come this time since it was just a sick appointment. So Emma and I got to see the little ones at 14 weeks! It's just so amazing to see how fast they grown week to week. I have to say that is one super duper perk of having infertility or multiple pregnancies because you get lots more ultrasounds that I will never complain about! My bloodwork showed that my iron level was 35 and they won't put you on iron until it's below 34 and that he was impressed w/my levels being that I was carrying twins. He left me with the sentiment that yes, I will be tired, really tired, carrying twins. Eat lots of red meat and green veggies. No supplements for me yet.

Two days later my right ear starts to hurt in the middle of the night. I thought it would go away but it hasn't. So Monday I call and make an appointment with my regular general doctor. Tuesday I went to see him still w/my stuffy head and hurting ear. I now can add ear infection to my list of ailements. I got some ear drops to fix that and went on my way.

So that takes me up until today. I still am blowing green snot by the tissues and am stuffed up with and ear ache. Tired doesn't explain it. I have zero energy to do anything. If I try and go outside I am very light sensitive and get a headache and light headed within minutes. I'm hoping this is related to the sinus issue. This Friday marks the 16 week milestone and we go back to my OB on Tuesday. Hopefully we will get to see the sex of the babies!

Until then...


Melissa said...

aw man! I hope you get rid of the bug and start to get better and have some more energy! Can't wait to hear how your next ob appt goes! :)

Leanne said...

Ash I don't think it has to do anything with the twins. I think it's because you are turning 30 this year so it's your turn to fall apart.... LOL Don't worry at 31 your body starts to piece itself back together.. :)))

On a nicer note - I hope you feel better! Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well.