Friday, June 19, 2009

Pink AND Blue Team

We are having a BOY and a GIRL!!!
Tuesday morning we headed to Dr. D's office with my Mtn. Dew in hand. We were more nervous than excited. These days anything that requires going to the Dr's office puts me on edge. I guess since we've been through so much in the last several months and now we are on a roll of good Dr's appointments I'm just waiting for the ball to drop. I know that's a totally half empty way to approach things but I'm just scared. Thank the Lord I've reached 17 weeks today and everything has gone so well up.
I went in and did my regular routine. This includes pee'ing in a tiny cup. Can I go off on a tangent for a second? If not please skip to the next paragraph. I've been told that after you have a baby you can no longer pee in a straight stream. It goes EVERYWHERE! And then they expect you to fill up a teeny tiny cup without seeing anything that you are doing because you have this huge belly blocking your view. Maybe one day I'll master this. I told Phillip we need to patent a cup that makes it easier for women to pee in without making a mess. :) He looked at me like I was crazy. Men just don't understand do they? :) I'm definitely glad to bear this burden for him. I'm not complaining because actually I do enjoy being able to go in every two weeks BECAUSE I'm finally pregnant and I'm not there for other reasons. I love being able to check the OB box rather than the GYN box when I walk into the office. I try and enjoy every aspect of being pregnant even though I'm not feeling very well. This may be my last time carrying a child.
I digress. Please let me get back to why I'm writing this post in the first place. After I did my business in the cup and the nurse walked me back I had to step on the dreaded scale. Much to my surprise I had not gained any weight! I thought I would have being that I'm carrying a fairly large belly around these days. At least I think so. I sat down in the chair and she took my blood pressure. Nurse Rachel said, "Next time will be your BIG appointment! Be sure to bring a CD and your family!" WHAT? Next time!?! You mean 4 weeks from now? I don't think my family could handle waiting another 4 weeks to find out what we were having. I have a room at home that Phillip primed last weekend that still has the tape up just waiting for the sex to be revealed so it could be painted accordingly! You want me to wait another 4 weeks to see my babies on an ultrasound and make sure they are still there and healthy? I think she saw my panic set in and she looked at my chart again and said "oh yeah! I forgot you were special!" lol Thanks for reaffirming that one Nurse Rachel. I calmed down and then she led me back to the ultrasound waiting room where Phillip and Emma waited with me.
We started looking at Baby A which sits on MY left side. The past two ultrasounds she's been very quiet. I don't know if she likes having her picture taken. From our view the nurse said she thought Baby A was a girl. She measured 6oz and her heart beat was 154. By the time we were done looking at her for the moment she had her legs crossed and seems to be very prim and propper. Very lady like and modest. That's my girl!
Over to Baby B which sits on MY right side. Baby B is VERY active and likes to put on a show during ultrasounds. Likes having his picture taken and posing. I believe Baby B will be my active child. While we were looking around Phillip noticed first that Baby B was in fact a BOY!!! I think he may give me a run for my money! He weighed in at 5oz and his little heart beat was 152.
Both babies look healthy and they are measuring 16 weeks 4 days and the other is measuring 16 weeks 3 days! Both seem to be healthy. When we go back for my 20 week appointment we will have another ultrasound and they will do the measuring of the bones and make sure everything is growing like it should. It will be another nerve wracking appointment but we know God is in control.
We couldn't be more excited about having one girl and one boy to add to our family! Emma tells everyone she sees that she's going to be a big sister to twins. One boy and one girl she states. Very proud big sister and she even says she will teach the babies to walk, feed them, change their diapers and put them on her shoulders! Today she gave each baby multiple kisses on my belly. It was so sweet and everyday that little girl melts my heart with how excited and accepting she is with all of this! She loves to go to Babies R Us with me and scan items for the babies. Never does she fuss about not getting anything or not doing this for her. I'm very impressed with how she has handled it all so far.
We just feel and know that God has blessed us so much even when we are so undeserving of it all. I hope and pray that we will be faithful parents in teaching our children about Chirst's love. What an exciting journey we are on!


Stephanie said...

yay!! so happy for ya'll! i have been checking back all week to find out the sex of the babies! i will be praying that you'll feel better and continue to have a healthy pregnancy.

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danapate said...

Awesome! My girls still pray for you and your babies each night. Ellie (my second girl,even prays for the babies in Heaven with God). We lived in Helena two years ago so you are
considered "Mrs.Ashley in Helena" to our family. I am so glad all is well so far. We will continue to pray for God's grace and goodness to shower your days. BTW- we had twin boys this past Dec. at 30weeks.

Carolyn said...

We are so happy for you. You have so much fun to look forward to! A boy and a girl is great. I bet your aprents are soooo excited. Take good care of yourself.