Wednesday, September 9, 2009

28 Week Milestone

Monday I had my 28 week appointment with ultrasound. This was the big milestone where my Dr. told me to be prepared at any point after this to go on bedrest. Phillip and I were both nervous going in thinking he may say I need to go on bedrest even though I've been feeling pretty good. Even more exciting is that I have officially made it past the 27-week milestone. This is important because if I should go in to labor and actually deliver the babies would be viable enough to survive but having major hurdles to overcome. Each day and each week is important to make but we are excited to be moving forward and getting closer to the day we meet these sweet babies.

I've been battling anemia the last month or two and thank goodness my levels were back to normal range. I'm still pretty tired but that's totally due to not sleeping at night. I think it's God's way of preparing me for getting up during the middle of the night multiple times! Seriously, I get up at least 10 times during the night and do not end up falling into a deep sleep until 3 to 4am in the morning. Restless legs are seriously 'kicking' my butt. As soon as I start to fall asleep my legs start twitching. My newest symptom I've been diagnosed with "Round Ligament Pain." It usually wakes me up two hours after I go to sleep and it's a terrible pain in my groin on the right side, goes to my back and then down my leg to my knee. Dr. D said just to take Tylenol. Well, tried it and it doesn't work. What I have found is that if I take a bath before I go to bed seriously helps! I actually slept pretty decent last night and one night last week I took a bath and it eased up.

Back to the Dr's appt. My blood pressure was great and I only gained 1 pound! Grand total for 28 weeks is 16 pounds. I'm pretty excited about this. I still have 9 more weeks to go so things could change. Speaking of 9 more weeks... I am measuring what a 37 week pregnant women would be!

During the ultrasound she checked the fluids for both babies which was good! Baby A weighed in a 3lbs and Baby B weighed in at 2lbs and 15oz. They are only seperated by 1oz! I don't have the exact measurements but she did say that Baby B was longer than Baby A.

The best news of the visit...they are both head down!!! Everytime we've gone in she's been head down or sideways and he's been breech or head up! I am also being realistic knowing that this could change at any point. I would love to try and deliver normal but know that a C-section is most likely what we'll have. I'm ok with either one because they both have their positives and negatives to go along with it. As long as we all come out fine in the end we'll be happy either way.

I now start weekly visits so you'll be getting more posts from me. :)

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