Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fat Scooters

So the title of this post might not be the nicest but I think it explains what I'm about to discuss.

Today was the first day that I actually had several errands to run but definitely realized I couldn't run them like I used to. I had Emma's Dr's appointment first thing, then we went to lunch, Target, Old Navy for pregnancy panties (TMI but it's way past time for granny gigantic panties having twins) then to Wal-Mart. I won't even start to discuss the bra dilemma. I made it through Target only having to sit once. Old Navy was tougher having to stop several times. I decided that I would take measures into my own hands and decided to borrow the stores "Fat Scooter." I always see extremely over-weight people riding on them and the occasional older person. My right foot is starting to bother me. Probably due to wearing flip flops 24-7 and having put on quite a few pounds in the past several months. Guess it's time to wear the tennis shoes from now on until my feet swell to the point where I can't squeeze them into them anymore. My belly was feeling heavy today and so I made the executive decision. Usually Phillip has been going w/me to the store on the weekends but I just had to go by myself today. I was a woman on a mission. So Emma hopped on the cart and stood between my legs as we were off scooting around the store. I knew I was in for some weird and dirty looks. I felt so dirty riding on the scooter. Like I wasn't worthy of the ride. I definitely learned that you can't judge someone's situation just by looking at them. You never know someone's ailments.

We were on a roll... hahahahaha... literally halfway through the store and my list. We made it to the toilet paper aisle and what happens??? My scooters battery died! Oh for pete's sake. I had to find a cart which happened to be at the front of the store and unpack my scooter and repack the cart. Gotta give a shout out to the nicest lady with two kids and a cart packed w/groceries that stopped and help me load my stuff into the new cart. She found pity on me and said that she had to endure 4 months of bedrest with her second child and knows how hard it can be going to the store. Only other women can understand what we go through because not one man that I passed stopped to help. Matter of fact, this dude sat on his Subway stool eating his sandwich watching me and Emma unload and reload without a flinch. Luckily Emma thinks it's the coolest to push the cart even though she ends up running into everything and everyone but we manage to make it to the check out counter. Unpack everything, pay, and walk out. Semi successful shopping trip. Next time I think I'll wait for Phillip to do the Wal-Mart run. I'll stick to my Publix runs and mini errands while I can.

Sure did make for a funny afternoon though. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! ;)


Joy said...

I've been tempted to get one at the store MANY times this pregnancy but always ended up too embarrassed. I suffer for it each and every time.

Ashley said...

Joy, you should totally get a scooter!!! You'll probably end up with a funny story like me but it'll be worth it. Saves your feet and back. Try it and let me know how it goes!