Saturday, May 10, 2008

1/2 Ironman Update #2

I feel horrible for not seeing him off as the bullhorns raided this morning but I would be with him in thoughts and prayers overseeing from the comforts of our condo and Emma still snoozing in the bed.

As I'm watching all of the sudden it catches my eye that they are pulling people out of the water left and right. All right, this triathlon thing is starting to scare me. In my hyper-hormonal state that I am currently in, (I am ashamed to admit the following.) I look (mind you I where glasses to see distances and they are currently not on my face) and see someone being pulled in behind a kayak! I squint to get a closer look. He did get up from the kayak and walk with a limp down the beach in a yellow cap, sleeveless wetsuit, he unzips, red gear underneath. I literally freak out, run inside, grab Emma and run out to the beach searching frantically for Phillip. No where in site can I see him.

What am I thinking? He's a strong swimmer and this is his best event. There's no way it was him. He would not give up. I look at the clock and he still has 10 minutes until he should make it to shore. We will stay by the ropes and cheer the other on as they come out of the water.

**Before you read the next paragraph you should no before hand that this guy was NOT Phillip**
All of the sudden to my left I see a jet ski race up to the beach carrying someone on the back. UNCONCIOUS! A team of paramedics rush over and immediately start CPR on the guy. They literally worked on him for 5 minutes put the tube down his throat continuing compressions and NOTHING! The man's wife or girlfriend found that he belonged to her and she started freaking out. The whole time I was holding Emma crying my eyes out and praying for the guy. I hadn't seen Phillip come out of the water yet so I was starting to freak out again. They were continuing to pull others onto shore that had given up. I hit my knees in the sand and just prayed. They finally put him on the ATV and took him to the ambulance to try and revive him. This guy was the picture of a triathlete. Slim and trim and in good shape. How could this have happened to him?

I was bound and determined to stand by the fence and wait until I saw him run onto the shore and into transition.

I never saw him come out of transition. He probably came out of the water when I was watching this man die on the beach. It'll be a great day when we see him. We are going down now to see if we can find his bike and then wait for him to finish the run. I'll update later.

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