Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 8

Haven taken off since my last round in December I hadn't a clue of what I would be getting myself into this go round. From the moment I took my Progesterone shot 3 weeks ago I've been a basket case, irritable, tired and just plain hard to be around. I guess you quickly forget the toll all of this medicine takes on you physically and especially mentally and emotionally. Gee whiz. For that alone I told Phillip that I'm not so sure I want to continue if this round doesn't work. We are hoping that is does but you always have to prepare yourself just in case. But then things like this happen...

Early Wednesday morning Emma and I were driving home from having done my ultrasound and given my bloodwork and she asks me, "Mommy you feel good?" I said, "Yes, baby! I feel great!" (At the time I really did feel good.) I asked her if she wanted to have a baby brother or baby sister and she said, "No." Ok then...

So today we were coloring and it was my turn with the paper and she would tell me what to draw. We started off with a Mommy, Daddy, Baby and then out of no where..."brother." I guess she's decided that she wants a brother now. We'll see what we can do about that.

I do have good news to report. Last year with Phillip's previous company, we had an 80/20 prescription plan. That added up to A LOT of money spent on medication. This time I got 3 vials for only our $50 copay!!! I almost fainted on the floor when she told me. I found myself thinking God for His divine plan for our lives and directing Phillip to this new job. We continue to see many blessings flow from this. God is good!

Dr. L is keeping me on the same dosage of 112iu's over the weekend and then I go back for my ultrasound and bloodwork on Monday morning. My estrogen is slowly climbing up but I mean S-L-O-W-L-Y. Wednesday it was 44 and today it was 55. To trigger ovulation he wants it to be over 1000. So we need to make some progress in the next few days or they will cancel my cycle.

Besides Emma getting us up at 6:10am this morning we are both beat. We had a full day and are settling in for a girls night of movies. Barbie Mariposa here we come! For me I rented P.S. I Love You and Till Death Do Us Part. Hopefully one of those will be funny. I could use a good laugh.


Searching said...

Woohoo for Barbie! :) Hope a brother is in Emma's very near future!

Tina (Mom) (Nana) said...

We are praying for your second little miracle!

Love, Mom