Saturday, May 3, 2008


It's been almost a month since I've last posted. I would have given up on me if I was on the other checking my blog for updates. But here I am again and still alive and thriving. Well I don't know about thriving but alive none the less. It seems these days I trade one illness or complication for another.

It's been a month since my endoscopy and life's been good. Virtually pain free except for the annoying diarreah (sorry so intimate) which comes on out of nowhere, cramping beyond comprehension and will last until I take my medicine which relieves it all together. Skip to the next paragraph if you don't like me getting graphic. It gets so bad that I know have two hemorrhoids (one which is from two years ago when I had Emma.) I cramp so bad that I feel like my buns could fall off. It's just not right.

So I go back May 13th for a follow-up. I did have to call one time last week to have Dr. L switch my medicine up because my stomach was starting to ache again and I knew I just couldn't go there again. I don't know if the medicine was starting not to work anymore or that stress brought it back on???

Let's talk about stress for a moment. I believe my stomach issues came on due to the intense stress we were dealing with back in Jan/Feb with Phillip's job loss. I was strong on the outside and for the most part on the inside but whenever I happened to be away from home I would loose it and get upset. I internalized all of it because I needed to be strong for him and support him. What good would it have done if I cried and boohooed everyday? Wouldn't have gotten him a job any faster and sure wouldn't have made the days go by any quicker. I knew in my heart that God had a plan for us but it's still hard seeing your husband hurt.

So once we got things under control with medicine life's been great! I've actually shed a few pounds, I'm not as bloated as I once was and at night I don't sweat through my night shirts.

Stress does crazy things to your body. A week ago I was having sleepless nights lying awake with things very heavy on my heart. One night turned into several nights. A cranky Ashley is not a very pleasant Ashley. Needless to say a combination of things were going on and my stomach started aching.

**Side Note** Since summer is approaching our activities have ended for the summer. So we've had to be creative in how we spend our days. I started cutting the grass for Phillip every Friday so that we have several more hours on the weekends to spend together as a family. We'll cutting the grass has kicked my allergies into high gear. I can only take the red sudafed to clear me up. Well this has sent my heart rate into the sky. So now I've stopped the sudafed and deciding whether I should cut the grass again. I do not need to add Hypertension to my list of ailments.

Anyways, Dr. L has switched my medicine and we are going to see how this works out. Right now it makes my a bit sick to my stomach for about 30 minutes and then goes away. I'm working on getting back to the gym 3 days a week to try and prepare my body to try and get pregnant soon. I'll write more later. I promise. :)

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Shannon said...

LOL! I love the part about your buns feeling like they are going to fall off, that is so funny! The roids, well, they are a real pain in the butt!