Saturday, May 10, 2008

Update #3

At 10:45am we saw Phillip coming in from the bike ride! He's alive! Thank the Lord! (Not that I had any doubt that he wouldn't be.) He told me that the bike would probably take 3 hours so he's looking good coming in at well under 3 hours. Let's see how the run turns out. The haze is lifting and the blue skies are peeking through so it's going to be a tough one running in the blazing heat with the sun beating down on you. Let's hope and pray no one has a heat stroke.

We came up to get our bathing suits on and we are going to go down and watch Phillip finish the run and go have some fun!

**No update on the guy from this morning. I'm going to try and ask some of the medics that are hanging around if they have any word.**

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Shannon said...

Go Phillip Go! We are so proud of you, you rock! Ash I sure am glad to hear you found him after the bike race, you had me worried this morning during the swim! I so want an update if you get one about the guy on the beach, I prayed for him after our conversation this morning! I hope the run ends well and that everyone will stay safe today.