Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 19/Day 4

After getting back from a much needed vacation in the Mountains with Phillip's family it was hard getting up early and driving downtown for my ultrasound and bloodwork. It was nice taking 3 days off of the medicine and then starting back again. It gave my body some much needed break. Saturday night I started back giving myself shots but it was hard remembering to do it at the same time each night. Your schedule is always a bit unpredictable when your on vacation and your definitely not watching the clock. The first night I panic'd after I realized it was 9:50est and I should have had my shot an hour and a half ago. Oh well... Sunday night was better and Monday night we were back home so it wasn't to bad remembering.

So when I got to the office and they did the ultrasound I was bummed to see that my follicles were about 1.0cm big. Of course they want the follicle to be at least 1.5 or larger before they trigger as long as the estrogen is in a good range. So I walked out of the office thinking that they would call this afternoon and cancel the cycle for good. The nurse called and told me that I have instructions to continue the shots for 3 more nights! Wow! I was floored. Totally expecting them to cancel. She said that having taken off 3 days that it's like starting over again. So today is like day 4 for me. Ok. I'll go with that. It's better than canceling and having to sit out a month and start all over again.

So here's to 3 more nights!

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Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!