Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Theme Song

"Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?...Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?"

Oh yes. I was wanted and chased down by a cop today. I should have immediately come home and blogged this but I was so mad and upset that I had to go shop.

Sunday, bless his heart, Phillip came home after church and cleared a 10ft area of brush behind our fence. He planned to leave the brush out for the garbage men to pick up today. So last night he hauled everything out to the curb and said a quick prayer that they would get it. When he called this morning the first question he asked was if they picked up the limbs. Ughhh, give me a few minutes to wake up before I go and look. So the next time I talked to him he asked again if they had picked the stuff up. Fine! I'll go look. I opened up the garage door and saw the brush still laying on the ground. I told him that they didn't pick it up and he asked, "Did they leave a note?" Are you kidding me? If I was a garbage man I would definitely carry a pad of paper and pen to leave people notes regarding their trash. That's about the tone I took with him as well. Not good.

So after I hung up I felt bad for snapping at him and decided that I would be the good wife and pile the stuff into the back of my car and dump it in the woods in theback of the neigborhood. I figured that was a good place to dump limbs and leaves where they would dissentagrate instead of breaking them down and putting them in a plastic bag to sit in a landfill somewhere. I was trying to be "green." So we are driving around with my tailgate open and a bunch of limbs hanging out the back looking for my drop point. I noticed that I was being followed by a city truck but thought that maybe he was the meter man. I pulled over, unloaded the limbs and brush and went on my way.

WHOOP! WHOOP! WHOOP! Oh for pete's sake. The cop is coming after me? Are you kidding me? So the cop pulls me over and then the nice city worker pulls behind the cop car. I was pissed. The freakin meter maid called the cops on me! For dropping tree limbs off in the forest where they belong anyways. He got my driver's license and insurance card, told me that what I did was "illegal dumping" and went back to his car. I called Phillip and told him what was happening and he wasn't happy. He said that was like a $500 fine and why in the world did I go and dump it in the back of the neighborhood? Gee whiz! I was just trying to do something nice and help out and I'm getting in serious trouble. So I started crying. No it was more like I got hysterical. So Phillip told me to continue crying when the cop came back to the car and tell him how sorry I was for "dumping illegally" and that I would be more than happy to go back and pick it up.

The cop came back and he gave me two choices. 1)Pay a $400 fine or 2) Go back and pick up the debris I dumped. I obviously choose #2 and he followed me back to the crime scene. Yes, he followed me. I took him to the spot and got out and cried some more and told him that I was only trying to help and that I have a lot more of it where it came from sitting in the driveway. (This was to be haul #1 and the rest to follow.) I explained that we left it for the trashmen and they wouldn't take it so I thought I'd be nice and take it for my husband not knowing that what I was doing was illegal since it was in the woods and not on a cleared lot or a house. He was actually very nice and told me that he wouldn't mind if the stuff found it's way into a dumpster of some sort but that I couldn't just dump it in the woods. Point taken.

So I drove away, cried some more and felt like a total moron for what I did. It was so humiliating. I love my town, I love that every where you turn you see cops patroling to keep our neighborhood and town one of the safest communities in the state but gee whiz. Did I have to get busted for dumping tree limbs? That's so lame!

Thanks to Officer Perry for letting me retrieve my tree limbs and not stick me with a hefty fine.


Leanne said...

I am sure this wasn't funny at the time but as a bystander....this is hilarious!!! Only you would have someone call the cops on you for putting nature back in place.

Searching said...

I agree, this is really quite funny. :) I'm glad you weren't fined! Seems so utterly ridiculous...

So, have you tested yet? My fingers have been crossed.