Monday, June 16, 2008


I went back and forth whether or not to post due to the sensitivity and very personal nature and decided that I would. I've been open and honest about everything else so far so why not this.

This morning we hiked it over to the Dr.'s office for my ultrasound and bloodwork. I was excited to see that I had one good follicle that was 1.8cm! My guess was that Dr. L would want to trigger ovulation tonight. We have to wait and see what my estrogen level is as to whether or not they trigger.

So we're triggering ovulation tonight. My estrogen was 324 which she says was good for only having one follicle. I kind of got bummed though because with one follicle is slims down the chance of getting pregnant. But as I sit here and think about it, all we really want to trigger is one egg. That would reduce the chances of multiples. Yikes! What would I do with twins? I guess the Lord only gives you what you can handle. So we'll say lots of prayers and hope that this works.

They are going to supplement me with progesterone starting on night 4 after ovulation. So if it wasn't enough to give myself shots everynight I'm going to have to subsitute for giving myself suppositories twice a day. Yuck! But I'll be just fine.

So we covet your prayers and know that the Lord is faithful and good. We pray that if we should get pregnant that this pregnancy will bring nothing but glory to God and the life that He has entrusted us with. We hold tight to Jeremiah 1:5 and Jeremiah 29:11.

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Sherri said...

You're in my prayers!!