Saturday, March 1, 2008

Diagnosis #4

Early Thursday morning Doc-in-the-box #1 called and said that they got my bloodwork back. Ok. I didn't even know they sent it off to have anything done with it. She told me that my liver enzymes were elevated and that they were 78. So follow me on this one. The Saturday I went to the Doc-in-the box was two days before I went to my fertility doctor to have my bloodwork done for them. So Saturday my liver enzymes were 78 and two days later they were 49. To me, and I don't know any better because I don't have "M.D." on the back of my name, that's quite a swing in directions.

Thursday afternoon my Dr.'s office (primary doc) called and said that he wants me to have a second CT-Scan and they scheduled it for tomorrow (Friday) at 8am. Good thing I'm a stay at home Mom because I can be flexible like that. Friday afternoon the nurse from the primary Doc's office called and said that the CT-Scan showed that I have "gastroenteritis" which is "inflamation of the abdomen." As the nurse put it, "You've got an old-fashioned belly ache!" She did not just tell me that I've been having an old-fashioned belly ache going on 3 weeks now. I was so annoyed but kept my cool. She actually called to ask me if I was still having pain. Well, considering that I was up again half the night with back and stomach pains I told her yes. Can you believe it? The percocet is not cutting it anymore! It doesn't even touch the pain anymore. I called the on-call Dr. this morning and asked if there was anything else he could give me for pain and he said no that Percocet should do the job and there's nothing better he could give me. Great. Now what? I could always go back to the Emergency Room where they offered me morphene. By the way, I did decline the morphene. That kind of weirded me out because isn't that what they give people in the hospital that are dying? I just didn't want to go there yet. So I'm doing something that I probably shouldn't but it's the only thing I know left to do. I just took a Percocet and having a beer. Yes everyone I am having a beer. You know what? I think it's taking the edge off. :) Here's to a good night. :) CHEERS! BOTTOMS UP!

I will be going to my Doctor Monday to see what else they want to do with me. Maybe I should donate myself to science so I can be a live body to experiment with.

Again I am not held responsible for anything I write on this post tonight given the circumstances and my state of mind. :)

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Searching said...

I have thought about donating my live body too. ;) So, what did they find on Mon??