Thursday, March 20, 2008

Self Proclaimed Doctor

That's me! Dr. Ashley.

I finally finished taking the Flagyl antiobiotic this past Monday. Dr. L said I didn't have to take it anymore but I decided that I would continue taking it just for the heck of it. It's pretty rough on the stomach but mentally and physically I would prefer not to start all over again on it just in case an infection was diagnosed.

I have been pain free for the longest time yet in 6 weeks! Six days have passed but I am still taking the Bentyl at least once a day to prevent the pain from coming back. Maybe God decided to heal me for good.

Yesterday Dr. L's office called and said that he wants to schedule an ultrasound and HIDA scan along with an upper endoscopy. The ultra sound and HIDAscan is scheduled for next Wednesday and I have yet to schedule the upper endoscopy for the following week. These tests are going to look at my gall bladder and see how that's functioning.

Back in February when I went to my fertility doc and he wanted me to start the prednisone to get my testosterone down. Again, I decided to wait and start taking the Prometrium and Prednisone after I stopped taking the Flagyl. It's extremely dangerous to take the Flagyl if you are pregnant and I would never want to do something to harm a baby. So 2 nights ago I started taking the Prometrium to start my period and then once that happens I'll start the Prednisone. I'm excited because this is the exact protocol that we went through when I got pregnant with Emma so maybe this will work. Hopefully next month my testosterone will be down so we can proceed with the next round of shots.

It's amazing how God works in our lives. Many of you may not have known that Phillip was out of a job for two months. He's back to work and loving where he's at. We are going to have better insurance which will drastically reduce the cost of the shots that I will have to take and hopefully it will cover the Dr.'s maitenance fees for each round. If I would have gotten pregnant when I orginally wanted to, we would have had a much more stressful 2 months to endure while he was out of work. I know God has a plan for me and I am just so excited to see Him working in our lives. God is Good!


shinejil said...

I've been on Flagyl several times, and I've found that taking acidophilus (one species of beneficial bacteria in our gi tracks, which you can get in capsules at most health food-type stores) helps with the stomach issues. You'd want to check with your doctor first, just in case.

Thank you so much for your kind words in your comment! I hope your renewed TTC efforts pay off.

Searching said...

Sounds great. :) GL with everything!