Friday, March 7, 2008

Ruled Out

This morning the nurse from the GI's office called and said that my white blood count was still elevated and that the I had a fatty liver. Fatty liver? That's nice. One more thing to add to my list. Gotta loose some weight so my liver is no longer "fatty." My GI Dr called this afternoon and said that I do not have Chron's Disease and that I tested negative for Celiac's Disease! Yea!!! At this point he's not sure what is going on and is waiting to hear back from my biopsy results. That should be on Monday or Tuesday. There's still the slight possibility of lymphoma or eso-gastritis (not quite sure of the name.)

If I'm still in a lot of pain then he wants to repeat the CT-Scan next week and then discuss the possibility of doing laproscopic surgery to go in and explore. I'm hoping and praying that it's all just a nasty infection of some sort and that it'll begin to clear itself any day now.

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