Friday, December 14, 2007

Cyst Free!

This morning Phillip woke me up at 6:30am so I could be at the Dr's office bright and early. When we went to bed last night the plan was for him to go on to work and I would take Emma with me. He told me that he was going to just ride in to work with us and then I could come back for him later in the day when we leave for out of town. You have to realize that Phillip is totally a morning person and rises with a smile on his face and I am the complete opposite. A total night person and when I have to wake up to an alarm I wake up with moans and groans and it still takes me about 2 hours to finally wake up after a shower if it's before 7:30am. Usually Emma is a morning baby too but this morning we went to wake her up and she pointed back to the bed and I sat her down. She then scurried back to her warm spot and pulled the covers back over her and proceeded to go back to bed. Sorry sweet pea. Today we aren't so lucky! Rise and shine! This is one of the hardest parts of fertility treatments espcially when I have to disrupt Emma's schedule. She's coming down with a cold and has a cough and runny nose.

The car ride in was actually nice this morning. A good way to start a great day. We were on the interstate and he passes the exit that we would normally take to go to his work and I ask him what he was doing. He decided to go with me to my appointment and watch Emma while I have my ultrasound done! Was that not the sweetest thing? He dropped me off at the Dr's office and I went to the ultrasound and low and behold.....NO CYST! God is good!

The nurse and I began to talk about the holidays and whether I was going to pursue the shots this month. I told her our schedule over the next couple of weeks and to my surprise she said it could be done. Hmmm! This totally changes the dynamics of things. I planned on taking the month off to enjoy the holidays and not stress. But if we did do the shots, which are sitting in my refrigerator calling out to me everytime I open the door, then we could be that much closer to getting pregnant.

I have only a small window of opportunity to make the decision since we will be leaving shortly for Christmas #1.

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