Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December Cycle Day 6

After a late night last night of traveling home, we had an even early morning. Emma was my alarm clock this morning waking us up at 6:45am. I'd rather wake up to her any day over an alarm. I got her adjusted and snuggled with her for a few minutes on the couch watching cartoons and sipping juice. I ran to the shower and got both of us ready and we headed out the door for my monthly ritual.

This month I won't have my exact measurements and levels of bloodwork until the end of the cycle but I'll make do for now.

Cycle Day 6
Tuesday December 18
Returned to the office at 8am for ultrasound and bloodwork.

Left ovary-
20+ total follicles on the left side.

Right ovary-
20+ total follicles on the right side.

Estrogen level- 52
150iu's of Follistim for 2 more nights. Go back on Thursday for ultrasound and bloodwork.

I was actually a tiny bit bummed when I heard my estrogen was 52 but after looking back at my September cycle I was actually 2 points higher this month. Hopefully I'm on track for a great month like before except we will add progesterone at the end.

I remain in constant prayer and trust in God's timing. He is always good and faithful so I must remain as well.

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