Thursday, December 13, 2007

Forward Progress

So early this morning I started much to my surprise. Since last month's episode of me starting 10 days after finishing up the Prometrium (the medicine to make me start) I totally expected to take this route again. So I was pleasantly surprise to see it was back to my usual schedule of starting just two days after I finished up my medicine.

I woke up anxious to call the Dr.'s office to see when they want me to come in so they can do the ultrasound to see the status of my cyst. I feel like the darn thing is part of my family now. It's definitely a topic of conversation and it creeps it's way into my thoughts quite often. I'm thinking of naming it. Or would that just confirm that I am in fact crazy? I won't go that far.

My nurse has been slacking on returning my phone calls as promptly as I would prefer so I had the phone attached to my hip the whole morning. She finally called back at 11 and said that they prefer to check the status of the cyst on Day 3 of your cycle. This presented a problem because we are headed out of town tomorrow and day 3 would be Saturday. So we comprimised and I told her I would come in around 7ish tomorrow morning. I guess it's a good thing that I didn't have anything planned but laundry today because tomorrow is pretty much shot. Today will be spent packing and getting the house somewhat picked up. Tomorrow morning we will head downtown for my appointment and come home and finish whatever I didn't get done today and then head back downtown to pick Phillip up and catch our flight.

I'm not sure what the results will be tomorrow and I'm not really worried about it. The good thing is that we decided to take the month of December off for treatments since we would be traveling quite a bit. If it hasn't decreased then we will move forward and see what needs to be done to get it dissolve. If it has decreased we will enjoy the holidays and wait 28 more days to start on the Prometrium again and then hopefully start some shots again.

If I get the results early enough before we leave then I will post them. If not I'll try and post over the weekend.

I'm excited to see what God has in store for us tomorrow! His peace is with me. :)

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