Friday, December 14, 2007

Flip A Coin

So we do the treatments this month or not? That was the big question of the day Friday. So we flipped a coin. Heads we start them. Tails we don't. HEADS! Just kidding! We really didn't flip a coin but we did decide to start treatments this month. Everything seemed to work itself out. We are hoping that my last shot will be next Sunday December 23rd but if not we have a plan. I'll fill you in on those as we go along. One of the major factors of us being able to do them was if I could carry my medicine with me on the airplane. According to the the guidelines on Southwest you can carry on any liquid medication as long as it is less than 3oz. So I packed everything I needed in a clear zip lock bag and filled it with an ice pack so that it would stay cold. If it gets warm then the medicine is no longer usable. So I said some prayers, packed my needles in my suitcase and prayed that everything would go off without a hitch. We are talking $1000 worth of medicine that I was traveling with so if I got stopped in security or if I couldn't take my ice packs through then we would be in some trouble.

Turns out that neither my medicine or I were the problem getting through security but that Phillip was! Who knew that his driver's license had expired 4 days ago! Luckily for us they let him go through security and we were able to board the plane. It did make us think twice about those people that are less than honest traveling under an expired id that had other motives but that could be pondered on another day on another blog. :)

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